To inculcate proper reading habits, Library period is a part of the Time Table of each class. The library is well equipped with graded books and wide range of reference books.

Cyber Zone:

The learning resources center equipped with Wi-Fi workstation and the child computer adequate ratio is 1:1

Horse riding:

On every Saturday the School organises Inter House Competitions among the students to provide conducive environmnet for their all round development.

Chemistry Lab:

Laboratories are well equipped and furnished to ensure best teaching aids.

Physics Lab:

Laboratovies are well equipped and furnished to provide better scientistic temperament.

Maths Lab:

To Inculcate Mathematics aptitude among students a new dimension is added to the faculty of Mathematics.

Sports and Co-curricular activities:

Education without sports is incomplete. Thus the school lays due emphasis on the physical development of pupils along with academic progress. Games are an integral part of the school curriculum and every pupil is expected to participate in them. Students are taught to play Football, Volleyball, Basket ball, Kho-kho, Badminton, Athletics. Judo-Taekwondo, Table-tennis, Yoga Horse riding etc. to keep them healthy and sharpen their competitive spirit.

Parent-Teacher Meet:

In order to establish a meaningful relationship between the school and the parents, meetings are held on the fourth Saturday of every month to discuss the progress of each students.

About School

"International Public School”, aims at providing quality education to empower each student to have a true sense of self-worth and a respect for diversity which will enable them to build his identity to find their purpose in life and to be a value of society.

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25 October 2018
25 October 2018
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